What’s the best way for a recent college graduate and newcomer to the industry to learn more about concrete pavements and paving?  

By participating in ACPA’s first “Intern Week,” of course.  The 2-1/2 day program this week includes overview presentations about the concrete pavement industry, as well as pavement design, construction, and rehab & preservation, along with materials used in concrete paving.  The participants in ACPA’s first are:

• Ryan Pendeville, Golden Triangle Construction Co.*
• Thomas Jacob, RexCon Inc.* (a Division of Astec Industries, Inc.)
• Kyle Myers, Koss Construction Company*
• William Robinson, Missouri/Kansas-ACPA*
• Scott Perry, Southeast Chapter-ACPA*
• Dean Thomas, Milestone Construction L.P.*

Presenting the program were Jerry Voigt, Leif Wathne, and Eric Ferrebee (ACPA), Greg Dean (Carolinas Concrete Paving Association), and Todd LaTorella (Missouri/Kansas Chapter).  Special thanks also go to the members, companies and Chapters who sponsored interns and/or participated in this important professional development program.  This event grew from ACPA’s Interns for the Future Program, first announced in 2017.


* Members and affiliates of the American Concrete Pavement Association.