Continuing their ongoing dialogue, the CEOs of ACPA, NAPA, NRMCA, NSSGA and PCA discussed a number of topics that remain on the radar of the association leaders.

Jerry Voigt of ACPA; Audrey Copeland of NAPA; Mike Philips of NRMCA; Mike Johnson of NSSGA; and Mike Ireland of PCA discussed issues and opportunities in common as the organizations and our industries adjust to new and modified ways of doing business. 

The CEOs discussed ongoing calls and other outreach to members, as well as plans for regular association meetings. On the topic of meetings, they talked about contingency planning for virtual meetings, as well as in person discussions as conditions allow public gatherings.

On the agency front, the group compared notes on a recent stakeholder meeting, as well as e-ticketing implementation with FHWA. ACPA is supportive of e-ticketing and Leif  Wathne is ACPA’s contact.  

The CEOs also talked about travel and telework policies and agreed to share information and policies for mutual benefit. They spoke about staff calls and other communications to ensure staff members are apprised of association activities and evolving plans to return to the workplace.

The next meeting among the CEOs is scheduled for May 21. Look for  future updates to be reported in ACPA TODAY.