The Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Annual Board and Membership Meeting last week included updates and discussion about ongoing activities, promotion successes and challenges. 

ACPA CEO Jerry Voigt participated in the meeting and provided an update on ACPA’s national marketing and local promotion plans and emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities identified in ACPA’s planning initiative. Chapter President Ray Seipp discussed programs that focus on attention on both policy and technical issues throughout the region. 

For example, the chapter is making good progress with policy changes with the Virginia DOT, he says.  In Delaware, an active inlay program by the DOT continues to gain traction with new projects. In Maryland, progress is being made in cities and counties to use cementious solutions, including full-depth reclamation.

In West Virginia, competition remains a focal point and one which has gained support among senior highway officials.  At a recent meeting–the second in two years–DOT officials reiterated their support for working together to understand and inform personnel of the value of inter-agency competition.  The Chapter also continues to make progress in ongoing activities to update and enhance alt design/alt bid specifications. 

Competition, backed by MIT’s research findings on the topic, gaining support as ACPA National and chapters work together to inform policy-makers and agencies on this important topic.