For most of the past 10 years, ACPA staff and local promotion groups, along with staff and consultants representing the CP Tech Center, have gathered for an annual concrete pavement summit. 

The summit is a great opportunity for peer-to-peer discussions about design and construction issues, including pavement performance, quality, durability and other topics that contribute to the overall health of the concrete overlay market.  Year over year, the discussions at this important event help improve concrete pavement overlays, which have gained increasing acceptance and use throughout the United States.

The meeting this week (Oct. 30 and 31) is no exception, as the participants presented reports and shared perspectives on key issues and opportunities in their respective states/regions.  In addition to reports and discussions about current issues and opportunities, the group also discussed resource needs to inform and educate engineers, contractors and others involved in the research, design, construction and rehab of concrete overlays.