ACPA is urging contractor members to respond to the Annual Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) Survey for 2017 projects.  ACPA sent the survey early Monday morning, and is requesting responses by Friday, April 13.  

The FHWA has identified concrete pavement recycling as an important area of interest, and has urged industry to gather strategic information. Currently, there is no known source of information that accurately captures the degree with which concrete pavements are recycled or re-used, nor do we know for certain what barriers exist that may hamper the degree of concrete pavement recycling or RCA usage.  This survey, now conducted annually by the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) in partnership with FHWA and National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CPTech Center), intends to address questions about RCA.

If you’re an ACPA contractor member and did not receive the survey, please contact Bill Davenport ( | 847.423.8703).   Want to know more about the survey and why it’s important?  Please contact Leif Wathne ( | 202.638.2272)