“Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Pavement Base Products,” is the latest MAP* Brief released by the CP Tech Center. 

The introduction describes how RCA is used widely as a base material, in part because its performance can meet or exceed that of natural aggregate. This 8-page document describes construction considerations, qualification testing, and pavement design considerations for both unbound and bound (or stabilized) RCA base.  It also highlights environmental factors to look for, as well as well as related environmental benefits.

Written by Mark Snyder, Pavement Engineering and Research Consultants, LLC,** this MAP Brief also includes covers several example problems that provide some interesting and useful details, valuable information to agencies, consultants, and contractors working with RCA as a viable concrete pavement base. 

Click here to see/download the MAP Brief.


* Moving Advancements into Practice, and this series is designed to capture best practices and innovative technology for concrete pavements.
** ACPA Member.