The beginning of the new year marked the beginning of a full docket of industry meetings and events.  Here’s a preview of just a few of the meetings & events ACPA staff is involved with in the first few weeks of this year:

  • Jan. 13-17 – Transportation Research Board (and related meetings):  Jerry Voigt, Leif Wathne, Gary Mitchell, Eric Ferrebee, and Larry Scofield 
  • Jan. 21-25 – World of Concrete (and related training events):  Jerry Voigt, Bill Davenport, Eric Ferrebee, and Larry Scofield
  • Jan. 31-Feb. 1 – Illinois Chapter and IRMCA Workshop & Mtg. – (TBD)
  • Feb. 6-8 – Iowa Concrete Paving Assn. Workshop & Mtg.:  Jerry Voigt
  • Feb. 11-12 – South Dakota Chapter Workshop & Mtg:  Jerry Voigt
  • Feb. 13-15 – Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association Workshop & Mtg.: Jerry Voigt and Eric Ferrebee
  • Feb. 19 – Indiana Chapter Workshop:  Gary Mitchell
  • Feb. 19-20 – Pennsylvania Concrete Pavement Conference & Mtg.:  Jerry Voigt and Eric Ferrebee
  • Feb. 20-22 – ACC/AAAE Meeting: Gary Mitchell
  • Feb. 25-27 – Missouri/Kansas Chapter Workshop & Mtg.: Jerry Voigt
  • Feb. 26-28 – FAA REDAC Mtg.: Gary Mitchell
  • Feb. 26-Mar. 1 – AASHTO Washington Briefing:  Leif Wathne
  • Feb. 28-Mar 1 – Virginia Concrete Conference:  Leif Wathne

In addition to ACPA staff, ACPA Chairman Jim Mack is also planning to attend several industry meetings & events in the first quarter.  These include TRB, World of Concrete, and meetings and workshops hosted by the Pennsylvania and Missouri/Kansas chapters.  Please note, times and deployments are subject to change.  Be sure to check upcoming issues of ACPA TODAY for details and highlights of many of these and other upcoming events.