Ahead of and following the pivotal meeting among Congressional leaders and President Donald Trump, ACPA and other advocacy groups turned to social media (notably Twitter and Facebook) to build awareness and inform public officials and others of the critical importance of infrastructure investment. 

Also this week, working with information supplied by Will Wilkins and Lisa Templeton of The Road Information Program, ACPA launched a week-long social media campaign aimed at informing and increasing awareness about the links between highway investments and the economic development, jobs, safety and overall highway and bridge conditions. 

The campaign will continue through Friday, and ACPA is inviting members, chapters and allies to join the discussion.  We have prepared preformatted messages (optimized for Twitter) and easily adaptable to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels.  To join the dialogue, click on the Twitter and Facebook links above, or alternatively, cut & paste messages from the special web page at:  https://www.acpa.org/join-the-discussion/.  Questions or comments?  Please contact Bill Davenport (847.423.8703 or bdavenport@acpa.org).