Looking back at September, I am proud of how much we have done as an organization and a federation. ACPA’s tireless staff is working hard to promote the industry and provide first-rate technical services and expertise. Our small team crisscrossed the country, engaging with ACPA members, chapters, government officials, and industry partners from New York to Illinois, Arkansas to Minnesota, and Pennsylvania to Iowa.

As a reminder, ACPA’s Annual Meeting Registration is open! The meeting agenda is shaping up to be packed with plenty of opportunities for collaborating on new ideas, analyzing market trends, and otherwise discussing the latest on all thing’s infrastructure investment. Sessions will include Brian McGuire’s “Economic Outlook for Construction/Rental Equipment (with Infrastructure Package Considerations)” and Tyler Ley’s Sustainability in Concrete Paving, as well as market-specific sessions for Airports, Roads & Streets, and Industrial Facilities. As you register, pause to fill out the Market Forums survey to help ACPA bring into focus priority topics of discussion.

In addition to the opportunity for professional development, our meeting is special because it is a time for the membership to connect with one another socially. Part of how we facilitate that connection is through planning excursions. This year, whale watching and wine tasting are on the docket – register for those right away before they fill up!

At the Annual Meeting, we will also be shaping what ACPA prioritizes as part of its 2022 Government Affairs agenda. Hopefully, by December, we will have an enacted infrastructure bill and have robust discussions on ACPA’s approach to advocating for more concrete paving projects out of the bill. Until then, tensions this week are high on Capitol Hill as the House is fighting to find a path forward for meaningful infrastructure investment while managing both the strong desire for investment in social programs and the reality of having to address the debt ceiling (did we also mention a potential government shutdown?) As of today, the IIJA is scheduled for a vote Thursday night. Check out our update below for more details, and stay tuned.

Special shout out to our chapters and state partners who were active in promoting concrete paving in their local markets; the CO/WY Chapter delivered training and input to the Colorado Airport Operators Association and the National Association of State Aviation Officials, the Florida Chapter published its excellent Rigid Pavement Design Guide which helps Florida municipalities realize the benefits of concrete paving, and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter responded to Virginia DOT’s inquiry on fostering a two-pavement industry.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not welcome ACPA’s newest member, Eden Innovations. Read more about them below, and join me in welcoming them to the ACPA family!