Last week, I had the great pleasure to meet with ACPA’s Board of Directors in person at the American Concrete Institute (ACI) headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI. We worked through an aggressive board agenda, while welcoming the following new directors: Don Weaver, Weaver-Bailey Contractors; Nathan Reede, Reede Construction; Jeff Repenning, Superior Construction Co.; and Jason Reaves, South Dakota Chapter – ACPA. It was an honor to travel back to my home state of Michigan to meet in the ACI building and discuss so many issues affecting the future of our industry. Thanks again to Ron Burg of ACI and Kimberly Kayler of AOE for hosting.

Speaking of the future of the industry, ACPA’s Strategic Planning Committee also met in person the day prior to the board meeting. What an incredible group of committed members! The task at hand for the day was identifying trends impacting concrete paving. Conversations focused on emerging leaders, workforce development, sustainability, and supply chain issues – all matters coming down the path that are certain to shape how our members do business and secure projects. Thank you to the committee members who made the trip and offered their valuable perspectives. This committee will meet multiple times before reporting the final strategic plan to the board at ACPA’s Mid-Year Meeting, June 7-9. The forthcoming strategic plan will address the issues mentioned above, and will include other items of importance to our industry. I know you all have a couple of big questions related to the BIL’s authorization: When will the funding be released, and how do we access it? Know the ACPA is tracking these developments and will keep you informed, as always.

This week’s newsletter features another edition of On The Grade, a round of applause for ACPA Members who won Slag Cement awards at the ACI Spring Convention, a reminder to register for the next Tech Tuesday webinar, early access to this quarter’s edition of Concrete Pavement Progress, and a Save the Date for this year’s Mid-Year Meeting.