August is generally a quiet month in Washington, DC, but I know it isn’t quiet across the country as pavers are hard at work building concrete roads that are a testament to strength, sustainability, and resiliency. It’s exciting to know that the work being done on the grade will last generations and lifetimes! When the entire lifecycle is taken into consideration, concrete paving is a cost-effective option with benefits that span decades. At ACPA, we’ve been working to highlight “long-life pavements” through the use of case studies. We’ve received feedback about surfaces from all around the country about roads that are still in great condition 50, 60, and 75 years later!

One impressive case study we hope you will review was submitted by OK/AR Chapter Executive Director Brent Burwell. Constructed in 1966, I-40 in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, the 11-mile stretch of pavement has lasted over two and a half times as long as was expected, even while serving heavy volume traffic each day. Thanks, Brent, for sharing this impressive project for a case study.

ACPA also does its best each year to honor new projects as they happen. The Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards recognizes outstanding projects completed the previous year. In its 33rd year, this awards program will feature the pavements completed in 2021 across 16 categories ranging from rural intersections to urban arterials. We hope you will join us in Nashville, TN, November 29 – December 1 for ACPA’s Annual Meeting. Registration opens next week. We will soon announce our speakers, but attendees can expect a jammed-packed schedule that includes forums on highways, aviation, and road and streets in addition to CPU sessions, speakers touching on market and economic issues, and plenty of networking opportunities, including some scheduled for our emerging leaders. As a sneak peek, Ed Sullivan – PCA’s Chief Economist – will be covering economic and supply chain issues. Stay tuned for more!

In other news, ACPA staff has been busy across the country with On The Grade stories from Florida to Illinois and Arkansas to Washington, D.C. You can also read on to hear more about the American Public Works Association’s Public Works Expo and the partnership and presentation ACPA was a part of there.