As we enter the autumn season, there is great pressure to finish projects as well as plan for the following year. ACPA is charging into the last quarter of the year more committed than ever to providing value for our membership, while building a sustainable future. In the coming weeks, ACPA will launch its Sustainability White Paper, which will outline the industry’s position on concrete as a sustainable and resilient material that best positions communities to face the future. As our members know, ACPA advocates before the FHWA, FAA, other agencies as well as Congress to show the undeniable benefits concrete offers in the face of climate change, erosion, and other global challenges. We advocate for increased funding for highways, runways, and infrastructure, as well as to create opportunities for top-notch research for our partners at the CP Tech Center. Concrete is a material for the future.

Resiliency also is a key component of the sustainability discussion. To that end, ACPA has been showcasing a series of long-life pavements – roadways that have been in service for 50, maybe even 75+ years. If you know of a project that we should feature in our Permanent Pavements campaign, please let us know. The opportunity is ours to showcase why concrete pavements are the answer, ensuring we capitalize on the tremendous market opportunity we have as an industry during the next few years.

While it is imperative that we advocate for concrete paving as the answer to many of our social and government objectives, we must also question whether the bidding process across the country best lends itself to the needs of our nation. Is a race to the bottom with low bids always the best way to encourage sustainability, resiliency, and innovation? These considerations must be taken into account at the bid table, particularly in areas vulnerable to environmental devastations. Thousands of years ago, the Romans built roads and bridges using concrete materials that stand to this day. We have the desire to improve and leave a better world. We have the vision, but do we have the right processes in place to support those visions?

This week in ACPA Today, our On The Grade section covers Missouri, South Carolina, Wisconsin and a webinar. Registration for the 59th Annual Meeting is now open along with the hotel block for the Omni Nashville Hotel. Read on to hear about Shailen Bhatt’s nomination hearing in front of EPW, an NYT article covering highway materials issues, and to learn more about the Long-Term Pavement Performance program and its impact over the last two decades.