The Portland Cement Association’s (PCA) economic team recently released its Spring Forecast. The forecast indicates that private market demand is receding and could have an impact on supply and costs, albeit not immediately. ACPA is honored to announce that Ed Sullivan, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, has agreed to again speak to ACPA’s membership at our Mid-Year Meeting in Austin, Texas June 6 – 8. Ed spoke at ACPA’s Annual Meeting in 2022 and was captivating, particularly considering unusual market conditions such as inflation and supply chain constraints. ACPA has heard reports that certain market conditions are causing state DOTs to take a conservative approach to project planning. Will the ease of private market demand benefit concrete paving by reducing construction costs? Or will a long-feared recession simply continue to cause unusual constraints on robust project planning connected to the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Legislation (BIL)? We have a lot of questions, and Ed has answers. Register here for ACPA’s MYM and click here to view PCA’s economic report. 

ACPA is equally excited to host three workshops during this year’s MYM, including one devoted to discussing techniques and application of using concrete in an urban environment. ACPA is committed to promoting concrete paving on local roads and streets and in the municipal market, particularly as more and more cities and counties look to employ sustainable solutions and combat urban heat islands. In addition to hosting workshops, like the upcoming one at MYM, ACPA’s Eric Ferrebee recently conducted two workshops on roundabouts and local concrete design for the OK/AR chapter, which was widely attended by DOT professionals as an education opportunity. Lastly, is a rich resource APCA provides to assist with roads and streets construction.   

Opportunities for concrete paving in the airport market continue to present themselves and to help promote those issues, ACPA’s Chief Engineer and ACPA’s Chapter Executives from MN, WI, IA, SD and ND are hosting an airport workshop with the FAA in Mankato, MN. The goal of this workshop is to connect with the FAA and industry experts on emerging airfield pavements technologies nationwide. Read more about this important workshop in the story below.