Request for Proposal – Moisture Sensing

Identification and Evaluation of Candidate Technologies for Detecting and Measuring Moisture in Concrete Batching Processes

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Problem Statement:

Concrete pavement quality is reflected in the strength and durability of the concrete mixture as well as the pavement smoothness and texture. The primary controls for concrete strength and durability lie in the selection of materials and mixture design/proportioning, but concrete quality is realized in the controls on materials and proportioning that are implemented during the batching process. Similarly, pavement smoothness and uniformity of texturing are difficult to achieve if the batching process produces concrete mixtures of varying composition and workability.  Control of moisture in the batching process is one of the most critical elements in concrete production.

Scope of Work

The ACPA is soliciting proposals for the development of a synthesis of practice which identifies and evaluates candidate technologies for detecting and measuring aggregate moisture and assessing their potential for use in continuous (or frequent) rapid determination of aggregate moisture state in the concrete batching processes.

A survey of available technologies shall be conducted.  Potential tools may include electrical-, optical- and radiation-based techniques that offer the potential for continuous measurement, as well as rapid sample analysis systems, such as total moisture analysis systems (e.g., AquaLab), halogen heat-based systems, and chemical-based techniques.

Each technology and system will be evaluated to determine whether (and how) it might be adopted to the target application. Preliminary assessments will consider how well each technique or tool will address industry needs, including accuracy of moisture estimates, potential frequency of measurement, ease of use (including consideration of operation hazards), and likely ease of implementation.

Proposal Length, Content, Evaluation Criteria and Submittal Instructions

Proposal length is limited to a maximum of 15 pages for the technical content, and a maximum of 25 pages total for the entire proposal (including staff resumes, project schedule, budget, and all other relevant materials).

Proposals will be evaluated based on two criteria: Technical Content (70%) and Research Qualifications (30%).

  • Technical Content shall include a detailed description of the research approach and work tasks, proposed project schedule and budget, and a description of the expected final product(s), including a preliminary outline of the final report. Note that the maximum available project funding is $25,000.
  • Research Qualifications shall detail team member qualifications, related project experience, and the proposed level of effort by each team member.

Proposals are due by 5 PM CST on January 31, 2022.  Proposals shall be submitted electronically to:
Larry Scofield, Director- Pavement Innovation at American Concrete Pavement Association