The SPS-2 Tech Day Events are occurring throughout 2018 in the following cities:

In 2018 six SPS-2 Preservation Tech Day Events will be held across the country. At each of these events a workshop is held to discuss the SPS-2 test sections and their performance to date; an update on current concrete preservation strategies; and a discussion of the national pooled fund experiment to piggy back onto the existing SPS-2 experiment.  Upon conclusion of the workshop, participants review the 18 to 26 year old test sections in the field.  The original SPS-2 experiment was established to evaluate five design features: (1) Thickness: 8” & 11”, (2) Flexural Strength: 550 psi & 900 psi, (3) Travel Lane Width: 12’ & 14’, (4) Base Type: Aggregate Base, Lean Concrete Base, & Permeable Asphalt Treated Base, (4) Drainage: drained and undrained.

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Comparison of PavementME and Actual Performance (12-6-17)
Pooled Fund Phase I Report Final (02-08-17)