To improve the quality of concrete pavement for all applications and expand business opportunities for members.


To be a strategically-focused organization that is aligned with its chapters/state paving association affiliates and provides enhanced value to its members and allied organizations

Core Program Elements

ACPA focuses on four core program elements. Each of these elements is associated with the four strategic initiatives (denoted below in parenthesis).

CORE PROGRAM ELEMENT 1: Represent the Industry Before Federal Agencies and National Organizations.

  1. Advocate for multi‐year federal surface and air transportation authorization legislation (1).
  2. Advocate for federal funding of concrete pavement technology research/implementation for
    concrete pavement (2,4)
  3. Effectively position fair competition in the airport and highway markets at the legislative and
    federal agency levels (1).
  4. Advocate for sustainable pavement practices and selection (1).
  5. Foster adoption of AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design for pavements at the state level (1,2,3).
  6. Advance industry positions to create new/improved norms and specs for concrete pavement
    design and construction (2,3).

CORE PROGRAM ELEMENT 2: Research and Technology Development for the Industry.

  1. Manage the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation (3,4).
  2. Support the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (2,4).
  3. Manage Research and Technology and Development Priorities for Industry (2,3).
  4. Champion research and technology deployment programs in highway and airfield authorizations. (2)

CORE PROGRAM ELEMENT 3: National Representation to Association Members (Face).

  1. Favorably represent the industry to the public through online outlets (1,2,3).
  2. Deliver focused communications on news and issues important to the industry (3).
  3. Effectively support customer inquiries on policy and technology issues (3).
  4. Develop and disseminate consensus policy, specification and best practice information on behalf of the concrete pavement industry (1,2,3).
  5. Provide Concrete Pavement Information Clearinghouse for the Industry (3).

CORE PROGRAM ELEMENT 4: Build and Maintain Membership.

  1. Acquire new members through a focused membership drive (4).
  2. Retain existing members through value‐focused programs and communications (4).
  3. Improve member participation levels through priority‐based committees and task forces (3,4).