November 9, 2021

Good afternoon ACPA Members,

I write to you today with an update on some exciting news from Washington, DC.  As you may know, late Friday night Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). The measure, which President Biden will sign into law shortly, is the culmination of years-long efforts from ACPA and our allies in Washington, D.C. The $1.2 trillion bill reauthorizes federal transportation funding for the next five years and provides $550 billion in new infrastructure funding. It is truly a watershed moment for our industry and our nation as a whole.

As previously reported in  ACPA Today, this legislation authorizes $304 billion to the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) for roads and bridges over five years with approximately $100 billion in new spending for roadways specifically. Based on the highway formula program, we expect concrete paving volumes to grow by roughly 24% above current levels for 2022, with an additional 2% yearly growth over the 5-year duration of the bill.

On the airfield side, we expect more aggressive growth, somewhere in the neighborhood of 75%. This estimate is based on a $3 billion increase for the Airfield Improvement Program, on top of the $3.35 billion in annual appropriations. Not all of this money is for pavement, but these funds will be used to address the towering backlog of airfield work.

In addition to the reauthorization and increased funding for transportation projects, the ACPA-conceived $12 million per year  Accelerated Implementation and Deployment of Pavement Technologies (AID-PT) program is included in the bill. This money is what funds FHWA’s cooperative agreement with the CP Tech Center as well as the vast majority of federally funded concrete pavement implementation and deployment initiatives across the country. You can read more about the details of what is in the IIJA of interest to the concrete pavement industry here. We will also have a more comprehensive look into the particulars of the bill and how you can take advantage of the additional growth opportunities that will accompany the IIJA at our Annual Meeting in Huntington Beach.

And while there’s no question that the passage of the legislation will create endless possibilities, the work is not yet done. I expect ACPA will play a critical role in ensuring our members have a level, competitive playing field. Now, more than ever, aligning our messaging with state, local, and federal governments and other decision-makers will be essential to ensuring that concrete paving is recognized as the durable and resilient material that it is. For 2022, the association’s main priority should be to work alongside our Chapter/State network to aggressively promote, advocate, and engage key stakeholders as we position our members to capitalize on this historic infrastructure investment.

Thank you to all of you who have been supportive of our efforts and engaged with our legislative agenda. Your efforts are much appreciated. It is truly rewarding to be presiding over this association during such a transformative moment for our industry. The infrastructure investments from the IIJA will pay significant dividends to not only our concrete pavement sector but also and perhaps more importantly, the entire U.S. economy.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I look forward to celebrating this momentous achievement with everyone in Huntington Beach in just a few short weeks!



David Howard

Chairman of the Board

ACPA Board of Directors