As we reported in “3 Minutes on Monday” this week, ACPA officially launched its completely upgraded and restyled website at

“The website design is significantly improved with rich quality content, which includes a mix of videos, professional photos, document libraries, and interactive elements,” said Andy Gieraltowski, Vice President of Operations/IT.

“The search and navigation systems are vastly improved to connect users quickly to the content they need.”

“Our goal with the new website was to increase the opportunity to share information proactively with the broad spectrum of our customers and other site visitors,” said Scott Mueller, Vice President of Marketing.

The site redevelopment was driven by our customers’ needs to get information faster, Mueller said, adding, “The new ACPA site has built in features to enhance and expedite searches so visitors can get the information they need when they need it.”

The official launch of the website on Monday was supported with press releases to the business and trade media, as well as social media. Click here to read the full press release, one of several versions written and released.