With more than 635 people registered so far, spaces for the upcoming ACPA/CP Tech Center monthly webinar are going quickly.

Even so, there’s still time to register for “Advancements in Our Knowledge and Action to Control ASR in Concrete Pavement,” scheduled for Tuesday, March 9th. The webinar will provide practical information about controlling ASR in concrete pavements. The presenters for this webinar will are Dr. Larry Sutter of Michigan Technological University; Patricia Baer of PennDOT; and Jim Casilio of the Pennsylvania Aggregates & Concrete Association.

Other webinars in this popular series include:

April 6thUnderstanding the Value of Competition. The webinar will explain how highway agencies that understand the value of competition maximize opportunity while minimizing waste and risk. Presenters are Dr. Jeremy Gregory of MIT, and Leif Wathne, PE, of ACPA.

May 11thAn Introduction to Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA). Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to highway agencies and the concrete pavement industry. This webinar will present details about the benefits of using RCA, as well as a contractor’s perspective on using them in pavement construction projects. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Tara Cavalline, PhD, PE, University of North Carolina/Charlotte, and Matt Fonte, Castle Rock Construction Co.

You can now register for one or more webinars in the Technology Tuesday series by following this link. Registration is free of charge but is required. We also recommend early registration is recommended, as total participation is limited to about 900.