During the March 2021 PCA Paving Committee Presentations, ACPA introduced its national program on sustainability including resilience, according to Scott Mueller.

This initiative will be led by the ACPA promotion plan states, although a total of 24 chapter leaders will also be involved. The plan is to participate in the PCA Sustainability and Climate Committee discussion to ensure vertical alignment, a proposal with which Mike Ireland agreed.

“Our Sustainability focus will be in four primary areas: environment, economic, societal, and resilience. As the strongest conduit to federal, state and local road agencies, ACPA is well-poised to meet the goal of ensuring consistently strong educational messaging to the paving community.”

We are planning on meetings with the “Shaped by Concrete” team, as well as participating with the PCA Sustainability and Climate Committee. “This partnering will enable both PCA, ACPA and our road agency customers/legislators to have an informed and solid learning platform and educational program,” Scott said.