Tech Tuesday webinars are back, and the first webinar of 2023 will be on Tuesday, March 14th at 1pm Eastern/noon Central.  

“Moving Forward with PEM… What’s Next?” 

Many engineers in the highway community are aware of the benefits Performance Engineered Mixtures (PEM) provide in helping them deliver on the promise of concrete durability. However, PEM concepts are only focused on the concrete mixture and don’t really speak to what happens to the concrete after it is batched.  The follow-up Transportation Pooled Fund project to the PEM effort is focused exactly on these factors… things like transportation, handling, placement, vibration, finishing, texturing, curing, and sawing.  This new Transportation Pooled Fund titled Performance Centered Concrete Construction (P3C) will establish a sound understanding of concrete properties and how they are affected by these factors and develop/select appropriate tools and test methods for evaluation at or behind the paver. 

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