Make plans to participate in ACPA and the CP Tech Center’s “Technology Tuesday” webinar program. The list of webinars includes:

  • Tuesday, June 15thRoller Compacted Concrete for Roadway Applications. Fares Abdo, P.E. of Morgan Corporation; Andy Johnson of the Southeast Cement Promotion Association; and Chris Carwie of AG Peltz, will discuss how RCC is being used in roadway and other applications.
  • Tuesday, July 13thInnovation with Concrete Overlays for DOT’s and Municipalities. Steve Tritsch of the CP Tech Center will present this course, which explains how concrete overlays have been recognized by the FHWA’s Every Day Counts program, and this webinar will share insights about how they are used as innovative, inexpensive solutions to extend pavement life.
  • Tuesday, August 10thResiliency Proper Planning Prevents Disaster and Aids in Crisis Management—A Concrete Perspective. Studies have shown that for every dollar you invest as part of disaster planning, you will save 5-6 dollars (on average) when you are in crisis management mode. From properly designing evacuation routes, to ensuring emergency vehicles have the ability to respond, resiliency using concrete helps road agencies be better prepared. Concrete Roads are a cost-effective resilient solution.
  • Tuesday, September 14thAdvancements in Performance Engineered Mixtures (PEMs). This webinar will explain the current state of the technology to deliver quality concrete pavement consistently. This webinar will provide an overview of the technology, as well as innovative test methods that are integral to the successful implementation of PEM.

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