The National Concrete Consortium (NC2) virtual meeting, scheduled for April 13th through 15th. The meetings will run from 9 a.m. to Noon the first two days and 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. (CDT) on the third day.

The meeting on April 13th is a general session that will begin with welcoming remarks, a summary of state reports, and recent poll results presented by NC2 Chairman and event moderator Dan Miller of the Ohio DOT.

The session will continue with an FHWA update by Mike Praul, followed by the NC2 business meeting and election. The session will continue a session on pavement performance, which will include pavement M-E upgrades by Dr. Georgene Geary, GGfGA Engineering, as well as a presentation on pavement resilience by Leif Wathne of ACPA.

On April 14th, the meeting will cover materials including reclaimed/harvested fly ash by Dr. Larry Sutter, Michigan Tech; nano-silica in concrete by Jon Belkowitz, Intelligent Concrete; and portland limestone cement by Jamie Farny of PCA. The materials session also will include a presentation about maintaining smoothness by Jerod Gross, Snyder & Associates/CP Tech Center, and Steve Karamihas, University of Michigan. The session will also include a presentation about fast-setting patching materials by Dr. Tyler Ley, Oklahoma State University.

On April 15th, the meeting will focus on testing, including in situ loading of concrete overlays on fabric and asphalt by Dr. Peter Taylor, CP Tech Center, and Dr. David White, INGIOS and load transfer test results and proposed dowel specification changes by Dr. Mark Snyder,* staff consultant to ACPA. The second half of the meeting will focus on QC for paving, with a presentation by Gary Fick, The Transtec Group; a tool for agency and industry by Tara Cavalline, UNC – Charlotte; and a contractor’s perspective by Craig Hughes of Cedar Valley Corp.*

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* An ACPA member.

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