Record heat and extreme temperatures have caused disruptions around the globe. Even in the UK, runways experienced complications with buckling, and a patch of asphalt “melted’ under the pressure of a spiking thermostat. We are experiencing a new normal where decision-makers on projects need to take into consideration not only the impact construction materials have on reducing carbon, but also what materials are resilient enough to help preserve our way of life in the face of climate extremes. Concrete pavements offer the best solutions for long-life, resiliency, and sustainability with minimal resources required to preserve surfaces for optimal performance.

This week, I had the opportunity to accompany Flores Automation Machine Control (FAMC) on a paving project just outside of Santa Barbara, CA. California is also experiencing extreme heat this week and with its vast coastline is susceptible to the impacts of climate change. Concrete pavement for the highways that run just beyond the ocean shores is the right move for the state, and no doubt an experienced contractor like Granite Construction is doing great work.

In the spirit of continuing to do great work, ACPA Senior Vice President Tim Martin will soon launch a new technical podcast and a “lunch and learn” series designed to provide contractors with quick tutorials on best technical practices. The tutorials are in line with delivering value for our members and ensuring we continue to produce under the Association’s new strategic plan that outlines our mission as protecting concrete pavement markets through education, advocacy, marketing, and industry technical leadership. Stay tuned for these technical sessions.

In the meantime, we’re excited to have launched ACPA’s Concrete Considerations podcast this week. I had the opportunity to host our first episode with Chris Spears, President and CEO of the American Trucking Associations. Looking ahead, we will sit down with folks in the cement industry to talk about supply and forecasting as the Portland Cement Association looks to release its quarterly report in the next few weeks.

Lots to report in this edition including a new edition of On The Grade, a reminder for the upcoming Airport Workshop and awards submission deadline, more about Concrete Considerations, the release of the Second Quarter Technical Report, a LTPP study out of Arizona, and a look at our new Sponsorship Prospectus.