In December ’22 and January ‘23, the construction industry started experiencing a slowing of commercial and industrial project planning. While construction is still active in these areas, we may be witnessing a return to historical normalcy as opposed to the spikes in activity experienced immediately following the end of the COVID lock down. As we know, the availability of construction materials over recent years has been impacted by a perfect storm of inflation, labor, shipping, and high-demand considerations. But, if you know me, you know I am ‘Ernie the Eternal Optimist’ and I am telling you, this year and next will be good years for concrete paving.  

As you know, next year I will be the ACPA Chairman of the Board of Directors, and I want to celebrate the successes of our industry and this great association during my term. Unfortunately, the investment from the IIJA came at an unusual social and economic time, which is having an impact on the project planning, but we still have unprecedented opportunity to transform infrastructure and build projects that are here for the next century. Chairman Steve Friess is doing an extraordinary job traveling around the country, meeting with contractors, and delivering the message that we are stronger together. ACPA is a national organization supporting promotion activities across the country, but we are also an invaluable asset to contractors who need technical support, agencies who are seeking technical expertise, and a liaison to conversations occurring at agencies.  

Last newsletter we featured ACPA’s Q4 technical report which supports the notion that ACPA’s engineering services across the country helped the industry experience potential of savings of approximately $10M in FY22. We highlighted ACPA’s position on proposed changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) that would require onerous GHG disclosures for contractors and be a departure from the work ACPA has done with agencies on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).  

We have the right Chairman in place, the right funding mechanisms, and the right support to make this year and next great for the industry and outstanding for this association! We are stronger together! We are ACPA!  

Stories for this edition include a mid-year meeting teaser, ACPA participation in FHWA initiatives, and the full FAR comments ACPA submitted.  



Ernie Peterson