The pandemic has brought out previously unknown talents. People cooped up at home, trying to stay busy, have turned to a variety of things to try and stay occupied. Take our mild-mannered ACPA Technical Service Director, Eric Ferrebee. Ferrebee was in need of a hobby, so he looked on eBay, and found himself a drum set.

For the past 12 months, much to his spouse’s dismay, he taught himself to play drums. When he wasn’t attending to his ACPA demands, he was banging on his drums all day (to quote Todd Rundgren). Unbeknownst to Eric, his spouse videotaped him drumming along to Uncle John’s Band and posted it on W-Tube (double the power of “UTube”), and it went viral.

Yesterday we learned that Eric has received a call to audition for the Grateful Dead. We’re happy to hear all his practicing is paying off. And we’re sure his bride will appreciate a little bit of quiet around the house. We wish Eric the best of luck on his long, strange trip. Keep on truckin’!

If you would like to suggest a song that Eric add to the Grateful Dead’s tour, please email Eric at and in the subject line please put “Eric’s Rock n Roll Journey”

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