Last week, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)’s Concrete Pavement and Materials (CPM) Technical Feedback Group (TFG) held their fourth virtual meeting. The meeting included a robust discussion about pavement resilience, including ways to quantify damage and service life reduction related to inundation and opportunities to stiffen pavements system to make them less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Another topic that garnered substantial discussion was carbon sequestration and low-carbon concrete solutions, including Portland Limestone Cement (PLC). Lots of progress has been made regarding PLC adoption, but continued education was mentioned as a means to accelerate the uptake of this low-carbon cement even further.

This two-day meeting of the FHWA CPM TFG wrapped up with a summary of all 18 topics covered since this group convened in 2019. The list includes a gamut of hot topics in the concrete pavement and materials field, from rapid repair and performance engineered mixtures to fly-ash and early opening to traffic. FHWA utilizes the feedback from this group of stakeholders to inform their program moving forward. ACPA’s Executive Vice President, Leif Wathne, P.E., represents ACPA on this FHWA Technical Feedback Group.