There’s still time to register for our next webinar, which will cover concrete pavement thickness and slab geometry.

Please register early, as demand is very strong and is limited to the first 950 people. This popular topic, along with other topics in our technology transfer program, all begin at noon (Central) on the dates shown below.

  • (December 15) Concrete Pavement Thickness Design and Slab Geometry.  (Presenters: Tommy Nantung, Indiana Department of Transportation, Division of Research & Development and Tyler Speakmon, Paving Engineer, CEMEX.) Many factors are considered when designing pavements for highways, intersections, roundabouts and bus stops. Learn about how DOT’s and municipalities take complex challenges and turn them into applicable solutions.
  • (January 12) Concrete Pavement Preservation (Dowel Bar Retrofit and Diamond Grinding) (Presenters to be announced.) This webinar will look at two common pavement restoration/preservation techniques, dowel bar retrofit or DBR and diamond grinding of pavement surfaces.

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