The National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) is a State-Sponsored Pooled Fund with the goal to improve the future sustainability of our roads through research and a commitment to cooperative implementation. The alliance sponsors research at the MnROAD test track, one of the most sophisticated cold-weather pavement facilities in existence, as well as other locations. The nine pooled fund states are indicated in the map to the right. The pooled fund also includes Industry, University, and Consulting partners.

Phase I of the NRRA field activities concluded in January 2021, and Phase II began seamlessly in February 2021. In Phase II, the NRRA focus narrowed to the two priorities of sustainability and application of intelligent construction technologies for all pavement projects.

Four concrete-related projects were selected for the Phase II testing as indicated in the bullets below: Figure 1 indicates the sequencing of the Phase II deployment with test section construction occurring in May 2022.

  • Reduced Cement in Concrete
  • Alternative Cementitious Materials
  • Use of Carbon Dioxide in Concrete Pavements
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