ACPA is signing on to support of a coalition effort to urge U.S. House and Senate Leaders to develop and pass a long-term, robustly funded surface transportation reauthorization bill. With the strength of more than 150 trade and labor organizations, the Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) will urge Congress to develop and pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill ahead of the September 30, 2020, deadline. 

The IWG works to inform and persuade Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation that addresses several priorities:

  • Significantly increase direct federal investments in a broad range of infrastructure sectors,
  • Fix chronic challenges and addresses reoccurring shortages in key federal infrastructure accounts such as the Highway Trust Fund,
  • Complement and strengthen existing tools, such as municipal bonds, that successfully deliver infrastructure investments at the federal, state and local levels,
  • Facilitate opportunities for private investment in U.S. infrastructure, 
  • Create efficiencies such as accelerating the federal permitting process, while continuing to provide environmental protections, and 
  • Encourages active participation among all levels of government and between public and private sectors without shifting federal responsibilities because no single partner can deliver a well-functioning, national U.S. infrastructure network driven by a long-term vision and funding stability.

Led by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Associated General Contractors, the IWG exists to unite a diverse range of trade associations and build support for infrastructure investments. The IWG works to unite the common interest of support for infrastructure investment among a diverse range of industry organizations.

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