ACPA is proud to be a sponsor of a special event in tribute to Juan Pablo Covarrubias, Sr., internationally-recognized concrete pavement expert. The event is called the “2021 Special International Symposium on Concrete Pavements: A tribute to Juan Pablo Covarrubias, Sr.”

With the theme, “Challenging the Status Quo of Concrete Pavement Design of Concrete Pavement Design,” the symposium brings together a wide range of international experts in the field of rigid pavements to share ideas and discuss ways to push the boundaries of concrete pavement design. This year the symposium will focus on modeling and performance of short concrete slabs, which have the potential to reduce the cost and environmental impact of rigid pavements while still providing a high level of performance.

The date and time of the event are: March 25th, 2021 from 9:00 am to noon (CDT). Click here to register for this event!

Speakers include: Dr. Jeffery Roesler; Dr. Lev Khazanovich; Dr. Jacob Hiller; Dr. Juan Pablo Covarrubias; Dr. Michael Darter; James Mack; Mauricio Salgado; Dr. Shiraz Tayabji; Dr. Jamshid Armaghani; Juan Pablo Covarrubias; Robert Rodden; Eugene Florescu; Estuardo Herrera; Sherry Sullivan; Dr. Feng Mu; and Nigel Parkes.