The August Congressional recess in Washington, DC was originally designed for members of House and Senate to “beat the heat” and allow lawmakers to leave town in favor of cooler temperatures. This year, the August recess has been abbreviated with the Senate working well into the month and the House scheduled to return next week to resume consideration of the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). While the President has set a deadline of Sept. 30 for lawmakers in both chambers to reconcile and approve the legislation, this massive spending package is far from a done deal. Many political pitfalls remain that could potentially delay or even derail final passage. Additionally, the Congressional schedule is already very busy for the next few months with a number of big-ticket items on the horizon.  Frankly, if this schedule pushes the IIJA beyond December, the prospect of passage in 2022, an election year, becomes even more bleak. I think they will get this done, but it’s as important now as it has ever been to reach out to your lawmakers and urge them to support this important legislation that will give ACPA members an opportunity to help pave the way to a better and stronger future for America’s infrastructure.

If you need to be incentivized to continue to make your voice heard, we detail the myriad of ways this bill will support our industry in the story below.

In other news, this is the final week to submit Distinguished Service Awards nominations, and we provide an update on the Airport Concrete Pavement Technology Program.