The last couple of months before summer construction season begins are typically filled with industry events, and thankfully this year proves no exception for in-person meetings amid the emergence from Covid. I had heard great things about the National Concrete Consortium (NC2) since I began with ACPA, and my expectations were fully met as I traveled to Nashville to participate in their meetings last week.

The amount of technical expertise at the NC2 meetings and the enthusiasm for the concrete profession was electric. FHWA’s Gina Ahlstrom and Robert Spragg, PhD., were part of the discussion, making it clear from the onset the current Administration is committed to a future where pavement meets environmental standards in a truly competitive fashion.

With sustainability at the forefront of conversations at NC2 and elsewhere, our industry is called to digest what sustainability means. While the term may mean different things to different people, one constant message remains: concrete is the material of choice for those seeking a long-life, resilient and environmentally-sound product offering equitable solutions for many communities. With proper preservation and maintenance, concrete pavement affords a resilient option for decades.

Speaking of proper maintenance, from Nashville, I traveled to the International Grooving and Grinding Association’s board meeting in Sacramento, CA. I always tell John Roberts, IGGA’s Executive Director, that I look forward to meeting with IGGA because it’s an organization that quickly gets to “yes.” They are an impressive association that comes together proudly to advance their members’ services.

The amount of technical research the IGGA is conducting, such as the sound implications of different grinding methods on concrete paving, with just a handful of dedicated employees, is inspiring. I am proud of ACPA’s long partnership with the IGGA, and I look forward to big things coming from our continued friendship.

This week in the newsletter, we’ve got a new edition of On The Grade, a deeper look at NC2, an announcement about ACPA’s Mid-Year Meeting, a chance to participate in National Work Zone Awareness Week, and an opportunity for collegiate students to compete in pavement data analysis!