The Road Information Program (TRIP) recently released its latest reports on “America’s Surface Transportation System and Federal Funding.”

The reports provide national perspectives and state-by-state information about the critical needs and value of the nation’s highways and roads. TRIP makes the reports available to stakeholders further supports the dissemination of the information with media work at both the national and state levels.

ACPA is pleased to support the effort with this story and other communications efforts. Here are just a few of the very important and  timely points from a national perspective:

  • Investments in the surface transportation system will boost the nation’s economy in the short-term by creating jobs. In the long-term, investments will enhance economic competitiveness, stimulate sustained job growth, improve access and mobility, improve traffic safety, reduce travel delays and improve road and bridge conditions.
  • Roads and highways are the backbone of our economy, allowing U.S. motorists to travel 3.2 trillion miles annually. They are vital to moving a significant portion of the $16.8 trillion worth of commodities shipped within the country each year. But, conditions on the system are deteriorating, as the need for transportation improvements far outpaces the amount of state and federal funding available.
  • The design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure in the U.S. supports approximately 4 million full-time jobs across all sectors of the economy.
  • Approximately 62.9 million full-time jobs in in key industries like tourism, retail sales, agriculture and manufacturing are completely dependent on the nation’s transportation network.

To view the latest state-by-state fact sheets that capture statistics and other facts, please visit TRIP’s dedicated web pages. Click on the state weblinks to open and download PDF fact sheets.

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.